The Editing Process

First and foremost this shoot is for YOU. My goal is simply to translate the true you through the lens. That being said, my editing process focuses primarily on color/tones, and less about body adjustments. Not out of laziness or lack of polishness, but because I truly believe the way you look and how you present yourself is beyond enough. I empathize with the panic and frustration behind not being accurately portrayed in pictures. From beginning to end, I’ll ensure you’re at ease and feel comfortable. With that being said, I do have a style in how I edit my portraits (which I hope is why you want to work with me). For reference check out some examples here: Your portraits will fall within this range. I am super attentive towards skin tone and accept if I miss the mark. In those cases, please flag it and I’ll be sure to fix it for you. Unless you are absolutely not pleased with your photos, re-edits aren’t an option unfortunately. Raw files or unedited files are not available either. Hope you understand and please let me know if you have any questions! I don’t bite.

The Selection Process

Once the shoot is complete, I’ll email your gallery within 24-48 hours [if it’s a rush delivery, within 12 hours] for you to choose up to 20 selects. If you desire to choose more than 20, let me know. You have up to two weeks to choose your 20 selects. If you don’t choose your selects by the time of the deadline, I’ll choose them for you. My schedule isn’t consistent so it’ll be easier for both of us to have a clear deadline. Once the selects have been chosen, I’ll have them edited and sent within a week [unless you have chosen a rush delivery].


Fees are refundable within 24 hours of cancellation. Any cancellations past 24 hours are deemed non-refundable. Any shoots past the 1-hour mark will have an additional fee of $50 per every 30 minutes. I’ll give you a 10 minute warning during our shoot in which you can let me know if you need more time. However due to the nature of my schedule, going overtime is a bit rare. Fees will be added on the remainder deposit.

Late Policy

In a perfect world, we’d love to be on time to everything we sign up for. However, I understand how things can come up unexpectedly that causes us to be late, especially in New York. While I have the patience and grace to start the shoot later than the allotted time, the appointment time still starts and ends at the time that was agreed upon. For example if there’s a 12PM shoot and you arrive at 12:20, you only have 40 minutes left in your shoot. In other words the later you are, the less time we have to maximize the time to get the shots we need. Depending on your comfort level, it usually takes the first 15 minutes to fully warm up and get closer to what you’re looking for so work the best you can to make it on time.

On the rare occasion that I’m late, your appointment starts at the time of my arrival and will last the full hour. If your schedule doesn’t permit overtime, then I will dock a portion of your fee or allow more selects without an additional fee. Whichever you prefer.