Day 1 of 14

I'm retiring my face for a while. 2 weeks specifically. Just want to experiment a bit so we'll see how this goes

Day 2 of 14

This challenge is already a challenge. Yay?

Day 3 of 14

Ehhh. Do I really have 11 more days of this? Damn. I'm doing this challenge so I can think more outside of the box, but I don't think I'm thinking far enough. Whew, aight. Well this is day three, peeps. Enjoy.

Day 4 of 14

Cop out, maybe?

Day 5 of 14

I may or may not have taken this a sports bar shame.

Day 6 of 14

Honestly, I'm really hesitant on this one. My face is technically hidden but...I don't know. It was really tough to take because with the angle of the camera to my face, I had to make sure my face was hidden. I wish it wasn't as dark, but at the same I didn't want it to be too contrasty. Hands down the hardest one to take/edit so far in this series. Ack, don't know how I feel about this one, folks.

Day 7 of 14

This one makes me chuckle. It's a mixture of an idea and an accident all in one. The idea was to incorporate motion or getting into a position like putting on your glasses, picking up an this case it was putting on a jacket. I had a lot more fluid, clean shots in my outtakes but my face was out in the open. This shot was taken out of pure struggle, frustration, and an accidental click of my remote and boom, there it was. The whole process was funny to me. I'm halfway there.

Day 8 of 14

Because Lindsey suggested it and why the f--k not?

Day 9 of 14

I'll be honest, it's not my favorite.

Day 10 of 14

What is it with bad days being so...bad? There's something so tiring of constantly trying to see the glass half full. Sometimes yah just wanna grab the glass and smash it against a wall. Now THAT sounds awesome. Stress relieving. Relief. Release. Release sounds lovely.

Day 11 of 14


Day 12 of 14

Some days are better than others. I just hate that this is turning more into just another documentation series without fully trying to find ways to be 'creative'. But before I started this whole thing. I told myself I had to finish no matter what. So here's day twelve *shrugs*

Day 13 of 14

I can't believe I'm almost done

Day 14 of 14

I started this because I wanted to give myself room to fail but also have a goal to keep going. I completed the goal, yes. Did I fail? Mmm depends on which day you ask me. But I did it, I tried it, and that's what matters.

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